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Coming from the top of introverted domain "Viticulture and Winemaking", to become a passionate salesman. I am highly motivated to provide maximum value to the customer, focusing on their pain points based on the tools I have learned in my journey as a salesman and entrepreneur. My natural approach and charm ensure that my counterpart is always in a calm and confident position, which intuitively helps me build a good rapport with the prospect. As for my work, I am driven by success and achievement. Literally hard worker whether in intense sports or in my day to day, which I attribute to my strong and focused mindset. I take an extreme leadership and never blame the situation or the other side. I firmly believe that humility is the key to success. Therefore I am definitely ready to be a part of this new journey.



Yoav Sitruk- YSB
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"You understood her problems and made her feel understood. You were a professional, Great!!!!"

Evan Fleisch

"I really like the tone of your voice, and the softness and warmness in which you communicate your ideas. It seems that it’s important for you to help your prospect, and this should be (I think) the essential task of every salesperson."

Guy Bar Sadeh

"The vibes were great You handled very well the objections and your counterpart likes you during the call."

Noa Zeldin


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