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Experienced sales manager with a track record of successfully developing, executing, and leading projects and teams. Currently focused on medical devices. Led sales operations at Nature Hill - a premium medical device provider. #1 top seller in the U.S. SixFigures Academy Graduate looking for Account Executive roles in high-tech.



eyal bar new cv 2022
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"Very good work. You will be good at this job. You did everything well. Good active listening he spoke for a whole minute and you didn't interrupt. Good digging down into the pain asking if their is a financial problem. “Sounds frustrating” - good empathy. Great customer use case - name drop them next time. Well done. Great explanation of Monday and it didn't seem like you were reading! Strong pitch."

Evan Fleisch

"Good mirroring of energy for AE/client. Good connection of value to pain throughout the call. Good active listening, make sure not to interrupt the client especially during the close and next steps. Overall, strong demo, good command of platform and good flow, from start to finish"

Rachel Ashur

"Good energy and rapport, flowed naturally between AE and client. Good pacing, didn’t drag out words or stumble - shows confidence. Good using specific examples of how Monday is different than excel and will help them achieve their goal. Overall, the AE sounded very confident and consultative. Answered every question with no delay, and thorough answers. Did not interrupt, let the client finish his thoughts. Terrific Job."

Emanuel Kanievsky


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